About Us

Dr. Adel Yousry Dental Clinic, one of the biggest specialized clinics in Dentistry field.

Presents the highest level of medical service, by using the latest medical technologies.

Prepared with the modernist equipment and devices, which fits the global quality standards and the regulations of infection control.

Provides the medical service in the field of dentistry for all ages (adults & children), through a group of distinct medical cadres, represented by a staff of qualified and well-known doctors in the different disciplines of dentistry.  



Integrated dental treatment .. The secret of its true beauty


The beauty and luster of teeth starts from treatment .. The health and comfort of the body starts from the health and beauty of teeth

Our Services

Diagnosis and treatment of teeth

Dental diagnosis using the safest RXDC + Hyper Shpere devices in the world

Digital Smile With The Golden Ratio

Smile design according to the golden ratio of beauty
.Digital Smile and The Golden Ratio

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is no longer just for stars

Cosmetic Contact Lenses (Luminier - Venere)

Dental lenses are installed with minimal intervention and no pain
When beauty and art merge, they make the most beautiful smile.

Dental Implants

Recover lost tooth without preparations to the adjacent teeth

Fixed dental bridges and crowns

We work to restore lost teeth with fixed dental formulations made of the strongest, purest and finest ceramic materials (ceramic) Empress - In Ceram - E-Max - Zircon

Treatment of dental roots

Root canal treatment with the latest and most accurate and fastest root treatment in the world in one session and record time J-Morita made in Japan

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is done in one session using the best methods and the finest materials and security Bleaching Zoom Rollence

Snap On Smile

We draw the instant star smile without any intervention from the doctor The Million Dollar Smile

Cosmetic dental fillings

We make cosmetic dental fillings with the same color of teeth according to scientific and engineering standards, they are not just fillings to avoid the return of caries or any complications.

Treatment and care of childrens teeth

How beautiful it is for our children to grow up with their healthy teeth and strong smile and instill healthy habits in them
(To strengthen the teeth with fluoride - close the pores of the teeth to prevent caries before it occurs - taking into account the scientific and medical treatment in accordance with the special psychology of each child)


Without pain and faster healing operations in plastic surgeries such as (gummy smile)

Cleaning teeth

Teeth are cleaned by removing traces of plaque and dental stains with high quality devices.

Microsurgery of teeth

Performing Impacted wisdom teeth, tooth extraction and surgical teeth using the latest tools

Sterilization and hygiene

Dental instruments are sterilized according to European quality and safety standards
B-Class with the latest autoclaves

Dr. Adel Yousry Elsamanody

Fellowship and Membership of American Academy of cosmetic dentistry Wisconsin – Madison -USA

Diploma in Restorative Dentistry (Operative -crown-Endo-bleaching)

Diploma in Diode laser uses in Dentistry   

Membership of Egyptian society of oral implantology and laser

Diploma Minimally Invasive Veneers

Diploma in Hospital Management and Infection control

Dental photography Dip

Egypt, Cairo

60 triumph square, misr al jadidah, Cairo

From Saturday To Thursday From 05:00 PM To 10:30 PM



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